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Naša rakija je savršene starosti... Da li ste i vi?

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Sadržaj na ovom sajtu nije za mlađe od 18 godina. Da biste nastavili dalje, molimo vas odgovorite nam da li ste punoletni?

Stara Sokolova Kajsija LUX

Stara Sokolova Apricot brandy LUX is an exclusive product of ripe fruits of old apricot varieties.

The high quality of processed fruit and distillation in accord with the long family tradition gives us the perfect distillate for ageing in oak casks. distilled by the centuries-old family secrets of distillation, bring us the perfect basis foraging in old oak barrels.

The final product is a complex fruit spirit of profound sweetness. Fruity apricot tones are highlighted by ageing and enriched with subtle vanilla fragrances of old oak.

Produces with a lot of love at Bogdanovic family estate. Bottles in limited quantity.

Served slightly chilled to the cellar temperature (16C).

Packing: LUX, Standard