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Naša rakija je savršene starosti... Da li ste i vi?

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Sadržaj na ovom sajtu nije za mlađe od 18 godina. Da biste nastavili dalje, molimo vas odgovorite nam da li ste punoletni?


Stara Sokolova was awarded with two medals at the prestigious International Wine & Spirit Competition (IWSC) in London in the same year when celebrates 25 years of existence on markets around the world.

A jury made up of tasters who have much more experience with whiskeys, cognacs and gins than with fruit brandies, awarded Stara Sokolova a medal for quality in a competition of more than 3,000 samples of spirits from all around the world.

Stara Sokolova participated with two plum brandies available to British customers (Stara Sokolova plum brandy 12 years old and Stara Sokolova plum brandy 7 years old) and both products were awarded by medals. Stara Sokolova 12 won a silver and Stara Sokolova 7 won a bronze medal.

We are proud that our products have won awards at one of the most prestigious world competition, among foreigners who do not have much experience with brandies, and that we have introduced the professional English public to the quality of our brandies. These recognitions open the way for better acceptance of fruit brandies from Serbia by consumers abroad.