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Naša rakija je savršene starosti... Da li ste i vi?

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Sadržaj na ovom sajtu nije za mlađe od 18 godina. Da biste nastavili dalje, molimo vas odgovorite nam da li ste punoletni?

Liker Zlatiborski Vrh

The top quality bitter liqueur, made by a careful selection of mountain herbs from the peaks of Zlatibor.

By mastery resulting from the centuries-long tradition of the Bogdanovic distillery, the extract of 17 medicinal herbs provides an accord, harmony and pleasant bitterness.

Served chilled or with ice, with a slice of lemon, lime or tangerine, it creates a superb feeling of bitter pleasure.

Alcohol content: 28%

It is available in three types of packaging: ZlatiborskiVrh 1l, ZlatiborskiVrh 0.7l in a decorative box and ZlatiborskiVrh 0.1l.