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Our brandy is perfectly aged... Are you too?

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Where and how can I buy Stara Sokolova?
Stara Sokolova is available in supermarkets and wine shops in all larger cities in Serbia.
Please fill in the inquiry on the contact page and we would be glad to connect you with our associates and direct you to the nearest address.
Do you make deliveries abroad?
60% of Stara Sokolova production is exported, therefore you can find your favourite rakija all over the world. Please fill in the inquiry on the contact page or contact us by phone or social networks for more information.
Are Stara Sokolova rakijas aged?
Our range of products includes plum brandies, melon and apricot brandies that were ageing in oak barrels. Apart from them, we also have “white” brandies which are kept to age in inert stainless steel containers from 1 to 3 years to harmonize and equalize.
Can I keep rakija in a freezer?
Fruit brandies, particularly those that were kept to age in barrels, are not recommended for keeping at extremely low temperatures in a freezer. Rakija will not freeze at temperatures up to -250C, but such low temperatures will prevent fine olfactory notes of top quality fruit brandies to be noticed and you will not feel their whole opulence of smell and flavour. Certain freezers can reach temperatures below -250C and in this case, rakija can freeze in its bottle.
Which plum sort do you use to produce rakija?
To produce stara Sokolova rakija the following sorts are used: “pozegaca”, “ranka”, “trnovaca” and “Cacanska rodna”.
Which honey is used in brandy with honey?
Meadow honey from the Zlatibor mountain district is used.