Stara Sokolova 12

The most refined of the Stara Sokolova family, produced from the Bogdanović family special reserve.

Stara Sokolova 7

Specially crafted for export, this spirit further enriches the famous taste and aroma of Stara Sokolova by longer ageing in seasoned oak barrels.

Stara Sokolova 5 LUX

Winner of five gold medals at the Novi Sad Fair.

Stara Sokolova Dunja

Stara Sokolova Dunja is made from fully ripe quince and is double distilled in old copper stills, ensuring a perfect harmony between the sweetness and the natural tartness of quince.

Stara Sokolova 5

This spirit exemplifies traditional oak-aged slivovitz.

Stara Sokolova Kajsija

Stara Sokolova Kasija is made from the highest quality heritage apricots from the regions of Western Serbia and Šumadija.

Stara Sokolova Viljamovka

Stara Sokolova Viljamovka is made entirely from the noble Williams pear, valued for its muted sweetness and soft, subtle flavours.

Stara Sokolova Travka

As well as being ideal for fruit production, the region of western Serbia around Zlatibor, Tara and Uvac have long been fertile grounds for various herbal plants.

Stara Sokolova Medovina

Stara Sokolova Medeovina strikes a perfect chord between the floral honey from Serbia’s Zlatibor region and the renowned plum rakija produced in Western Serbia.

Stara Sokolova Kleka

Stara Sokolova Kleka is borne from a long tradition of aromatizing slivovitz with juniper berries.

Vinjak Soko V.S.O.P.

VinjakSoko V.S.O.P. is a noble beverage produced by careful blending of several types of selected wine distillates from the wines


From the house of famous producer of premium fruit spirits comes “Sokolova vruća”, also known as “Šumadija tea”.


This double-distilled plum brandy from the Uzice region, produced by traditional technology of distillation in smaller copper cauldrons.

Etno Sokolica

A traditional double-distilled plum brandy. With a pleasant fruity aroma which enchants by its richness and duration of flavour.

Liker Zlatiborski vrh

The top quality bitter liqueur, made by careful selection of mountain herbs from the peaks of Zlatibor.

Liker Medinja

The fantastic combination of flavour and smell of melon and meadow honey from Zlatibor eco-pastures make this liqueur unique.

Mini mix

Gift package contains three different flavours from the rich StaraSokolova range of products in mini bottles of 0.05l.