• 170 g duck breasts
  • 30 g pumpkin
  • 30 g parsnip
  • 30 g potatoes
  • 20 g wheat
  • 20 g beans
  • 30 g cranberry preserve
  • 40 ml “Soko” vinjak  (Soko brandy),
  • 10 g orange,
  • 10 g Granny Smith apple,
  • 20 g butter,
  • 5 g sugar,
  • 10 g salt,
  • 3 g pepper

Preparation: sprinkle the duck breasts with salt and marinate it in brandy and cranberry preserve, then leave it to rest for 72 hours. Make the pumpkin and parsnip puree. Slice the potatoes, boil and then sauté on butter. Then boil the beans and wheat and season to taste. Segment the orange and slice the apple. Roast the duck at medium temperature then add the brandy and flambé the meat.

Arranging: Slice the duck breasts, add the pumpkin and parsnip puree. Arrange the potatoes, beans and wheat on the plate. Then place the apple and orange.

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