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Our brandy is perfectly aged... Are you too?

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Radisav Bogdanovic, Master of Sciences in Mechanical Engineering, the founder and owner of Stara Sokolova Company started his journey towards the top exactly 20 years ago and he turned the tradition of his ancestors of producing plum brandy, known as rakija, into business. The first locations to sell it were KnezMihailova Street in Belgrade, Hyatt Regency and Belgrade Intercontinental hotels, Belgrade Airport and JAT aeroplanes. Now, his company has had a constant increase in sales, has been conquering new markets and fans of the brand all over the world. This is why he can proudly say that he has achieved his goal since StaraSokolova has become a premium brand of top quality plum and fruit brandies and the leader in the Serbian market with consistent and recognizable quality and a wide range of products.